A Pause to Ponder God's Word
"Taking Jesus at His Word."

The royal officer's son was very ill, drawing closer and closer to death. News arrived that Jesus was is the neighboring city. He was their only hope. The father went to Jesus and begged Him to come and heal His son. A royal officer begging! Now that is an interesting picture. This man's love for his son was great. He was willing to publicly humiliate himself for his son. Even after Jesus' stern criticism about people demanding signs and wonders in order to believe the man persisted with his request. Then, he made the twenty mile trip home by himself. Jesus did not go with him. But, John tells us something very important about this man. He records it in chapter five verse fifty of his gospel - "The man took Jesus at His word..."

Jesus did not make a grandstand pronouncement. He made no hocus-pocus gestures. He did not even speak a direct word of healing. He gave no visible assurance or guarantee. Jesus simply said, "You may go. Your son will live." With nothing but these seven words the man returned home, "taking Jesus at His word." Makes you wonder which is the greater miracle here. The fact that the boy was healed at the precise moment that Jesus spoke the words, or the fact that the man went home trusting Jesus' word.

We live in a "sign on the dotted line" world. We are trained to trust no one but oneself. We are cynics to the core. Just read the bumper stickers and placards we display. Listen to our children as the require their friends to "swear on a stack of Bibles." For someone to take any action with nothing more than another's "word" is preposterous to us. As we stand bewildered by this man act of faith, our heart's become troubled. They are troubled because this man's faith, like a search light which casts light on impending danger in the night, reveals our lack of trust. Would we have taken Jesus at His word and gone home? Or would we demand the sign? Our frantic self-sufficient lives answer for us - trust ourselves, yes. God? Well, maybe for that which I cannot do myself and then, only with some sort of assurance.

Beloved, trusting may not come easy for us, but trust God we must! We need to shed our societal cynicism and take Jesus at His word. Heaven and earth will pass away, but His Word will stand forever. It is trustworthy. It is eternal. It is "living and active." It cannot be separated from Who He is. Where else can we turn? No getting around it. There is no other way, but to take Jesus at His Word!

Keep Close To Jesus
Pastor Gerry

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